Top Outdoor Spot Competition

My favourite outdoor spot

Asha , Year 7

My favourite outdoors spot is Mount Maunganui. Located there you can find the mount hot pools and you can climb the mount. Going for a surf at the beach is so much fun. Copehangen Cones has the best ice cream and is always a great treat after a long day of fun in the sun. When you climb up Mount Maunganui, the view is beautiful, you can see every thing from the mount hot pools tothe beach; you can even see where I do surfing lessons. When it is night time it is so beautiful. When all the lights are on at night it is so lovely you can see it from Welcome Bay. It is so nice, you should go to mount Maunganui and climb it or walk around it.It is so beautiful. There are a lot of different things and adventures you can go on.