Top Outdoor Spot Competition

My favourite spot

Mason , Year 7

If I had a favourite spot it would probably be Cathedral Cove. It’s a wonderful dreamy place to be in the afternoon. I love digging my feet in the soft crunchy sand looking out at the blue flowing waves. It makes me feel relaxed and helps me get distracted from all things. There’s also a really nice walk, walking down the path taking a second to listen and acknowledge the singing and chirping birds through the bright green trees. When you get to the beach there’s a massive cavelike structure that you can walk in but it depends if it’s filled with water or not . If it’s not filled with water, you can take really good photos in the cave and have so much fun with your family. For me it’s relaxing or smashing through the waves, having a blast with the whanau. In January it can get very packed so that’s why I would not go in that month. However, I have not been there many of times but when I first saw this place I felt an instant connection. I will never forget the moments spent there with the people I get to hang out with and care a lot about. Just remember everybody has there own spot that they love and enjoy being around and it could be special to your family as well. I hope you go there someday and feel the relaxation that I have felt too.