Top Outdoor Spot Competition

My Aunties lodge

Imogen , Year 7

My favourite outdoor place is my aunts lodge. She owned the lodge for years and my mom had her wedding there. At the Lodge there’s a waterfall, waterslide, a horse paddock and 42 bunk beds that my sister and I counted we love it there! It has a amazing view and chickens you can pat. The river is so fun to look for eels in. I once went camping there for 2 weeks! When my moms had they’re wedding there I was a bridesmaid and instead of having a normal wedding cake they had a cake made of gourmet cheese and crackers, I loved the Camembert cheese. There’s a rickety and dangerous tree house and a lot of mosquitoes but it’s a great place to go to for a holiday. It’s warm and cozy in the winter and cool and comfy in the summer. It has amazing and kind owners who on cold days have free hot cocoa. There is a nature walk and a glow worm trail where you can see beautiful lights. It’s really cheap and fun, I love it. It’s at 282 old Kaimai road New Zealand. I highly recommend. It’s surrounded by a captivating forest, with a beautiful nature walk. One of my favourite places is the waterslide it’s fun and really exiting especially if you put soap on it so it goes super fast. Its a fun drive out to the lodge and there’s tons of cows and sheep. There’s a fire pit to roast marshmallows in, a hot tub to relax in, a prayer room you can read in and a huge ping pong table! I love staying at my aunts lodge and not only do you stay there other tourist and people stay there as well! Once a person who stayed there taught me how to play some piano.