Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Samual's Favoutire Place

Samual , Year 7

Monday 2nd March 2020

WALT: be creative and descriptive in my writing.

My favourite outdoor place is the park. I like it there because it’s fun. I can play on the slide and the swings and everything else. I go there with my dad, brothers and sisters. I like it there as it’s really fun and it’s really awesome there. It’s my favourite place to be. I go to Memorial Park. My favourite part of the day is when we go on the train. It goes into the tunnel and around the bend. When it’s in the tunnel it goes clickty clack, clickty clack and it blows its whistle. It goes around the bend and then it goes past the station and around again.
The park is by the water. I always go into the water as it’s fun in the water. I like playing with my dad and my brothers and sisters, we play games. I like to hang out with my cousins. I go there all the time. It’s really fun to be there.