Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Arrow River

Milla , Year 6

Dogs barking like angry baboons
owners letting them off leads to splash in the frightful waves
River roaring like a lion standing up for its pride
But flowing every now and again

Faintails fluttering
Boats speeding like my Uncle
driving his police car on the motorway
sopping togs
evaporating in the blistering sun

Birds chirping like my Mum in an argument
Then calming down again
ching sunscors
disappearing behind the fluffy white clouds
Friends chatting like a cafe full of people

silence falls eventually
when they don't have anything more to talk about

I am flying off the swing rope
making a massive splash
swimming back to shore to go again

Drying myself off like a dancing ballerina
Climbing up the hill
sweat dripping down my back
on the track to the camp-site

Licking a goody goody gum drop ice-cream staggering up the hill
Racing to beat the parents, sprinting d
n again