Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Waimarama Beach

Isaac , Year 5

Waimarama Beach.
When I am at Waimarama Beach I have a nice joyful feeling in my bones. The sand is fluffy like a soft teddy bear. We stay in a batch where you can see the whole sea. Vroom!! Vroom!! I hear the tractor in the morning. I’m ready to go fishing. Woosh!! As we zoom across the dusty path to the beach, we launch the boat into the waves. Splash as the freezing water splats on my face. Then dad calls out “hold on“. While we hoon over all the waves, we stop to collect all the pots, clap clap clap!! As all the crays come up. Soon we hoon off back to the beach. We are really close to the waves so Isaac jumps off to get the tractor, and go home . That's my favourite spot.