Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Te Awanga

Kobi , Year 6

The sunlit ocean reflected the light coming from the shining sun as the waves crashed onto the pebbly ground. Blustery wind blows in my face as I hastily run towards the wavy ocean. As I prepare to jump into the vast ocean I get drenched by a wave and get soaked. As I laugh I get splashed again then jump into the ginormous wave and get carried into the sea. Playing around in the water, I make my way back to the shore making sure not to step on a sharp pebble, to do some fishing. I look at the shining sea reflecting the bright sunlight as the loud crashing of the waves soothes me. As the sun sets, time flies by further and further as waves crash onto the pebbly shore with drops of water going further. I grab a fishing rod and dad puts the line into the sea as we wait for a tug, then a few hours later a tug on the line. We reel it in. It’s a baby shark. We put the shark into the chilly bin. It starts to get dark as the sun disappears into the next day.