Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Esk River

Sasha , Year 5

I run into the soft green grass.
I pop with joy and can’t wait to jump into cold water. I lay my towel out on the floor and put my colorful togs on. I sunbathe with the bright red hot sun raising on to me. Then I bomb into the wet water that splashes on to me. As I bomb into the water I feel the disgusting seaweed on the Ponty rocks and pebbles. The seaweed was as slimy as moisturiser. The water was shimmering and clear. I was very happy and excited. We normally bring friends and family to have bbq with and play with. When Nana and Grandad come Nana normally brings a dessert for us. At the river, there is a jump rope that you can swing on. As I swing on the jump rope I feel like I’m flying. When I float down the river I can hear the birds tweeting and see the colorful trees. We some times wear our water shoes. It is a wonderful place.