Top Outdoor Spot Competition

My Place In The Sun.

Kenzie , Year 6

On warm summer mornings when I hear the noisy wind and the roosters crow, I know it's time to go down to the cafe.
As I sip on my hot chocolate I made, with the sun beaming on me, I start walking down to feed the animals.
I pass glistening fountains and colorful flowers. They all start running towards me as I climb the old wooden gate. After I've fed them I start climbing the giant rock!
Did you know that it's at least a thousand years old and was once in a volcano?
With the sun shining in my eyes I grab the flying fox and jump on. As I fly like a bird back to the old wooden gate, I look down and see the glistening clear water.
After dinner I took a walk outside, feeling refreshed, I look up at the starry night sky, it was shimmering like a diamond. Everything was quiet now, and I think how lucky I am to live in this amazing place.

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My place in the sun.