Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Quinneys Bush Campsite

Luke , Year 7

Quinney's bush campsite
I really like going to quinney's bush Because there is a lot of fun things to do there like the massive water slide that you have challenges to try to get to the end and It is so fun. Also there is eels That you can feed with your left over meat don't worry they don't bite. There is really nice people there to. The price is really cheap to stay there and you can get a trailer ride for only a couple of dollars. But you have to bring a bike because there is an extremely good bike track and a nice walking track thats not to hard. Theres such a impressive swimming hole and in the middle there is a raft you can swim out to and jump of. Also there is a big flying fox and a animal park. And lots of area and you can get powered sites. There is also lots of playgrounds. Also there is gocarts That are only 5 dollars to go on for ten mins