We have information about accessing the outdoors responsibly - including roads and walkways, rivers and lakes, and private land. We also have information on creating new access, private land and what to do when there is a dispute.

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Information about accessing the outdoors, including how to resolve disputes, accessing private land, the overseas investors, unformed legal roads and other forms of access.

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beach campfire

Responsible behaviour

Asking permission, caring for the environment, motor vehicles, carrying a gun, mountain bikes, horses, fires and other information from our Outdoor Access Code.

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Health and safety

Find out about the obligations for landholders when they have recreational visitors on their land.

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Māori land

Māori access to wāhi tapu on private land, and gaining permission to access Māori land under Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993.

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Gary Wilton receives award

Funding and awards

Enhanced Access Grants, the Outdoor Access Champion Wards, free signs for private land with access on it and the JH Aspinall Scholarship.

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Lake Karapiro

Rivers, lakes and coast

Public access along rivers, lakes and the coast - including marginal strips, esplanade reserves, esplanade strips and access strips. The effects of erosion on access.

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