Enhanced Access Grants

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission administers contestable grants to support projects aimed at enhancing access to New Zealand's great outdoors. These grants are known as Enhanced Access Grants.

The first funding round of Enhanced Access Grants were held in 2010 and since then 91 projects have been awarded funding.

Applicants from the first round have been notified of the outcome of their application.

The Commission will be opening applications for the first round of applications for 2020-2021 Enhanced Access Grants after the new financial year has begun.

The main priority for funding is:

  • obtaining certain and enduring access; for example, the cost of negotiation to secure access agreements, legal or survey costs of obtaining access, the cost of obtaining Resource Management Act consents.

Other priorities, in descending order, are:

  • information including signs;
  • developing and improving walking opportunities through installing gates, stiles and fences and the cost of obtaining professional reports such as engineering reports; and
  • supporting community walking access projects, including infrastructure and administration. Funding of infrastructure including bridges and boardwalks is low priority.

Availability of grants for these priorities will only be considered once higher priority applications have been considered.

Guidelines for Applicants

News about the grants


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