Year 4-8 resources

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission has created these online resources to assist teachers and students in exploring the theme of responsible use of the outdoors. It also introduces schools to the work of the Commission, and the Outdoor Access Code.

Students can use the outdoor education resources on this site to learn about responsible access to the outdoors and explore the perspectives of others. Teachers can use the teacher resources to create lesson plans and support education outside the classroom (EOTC) activities.

While this resource is targeted at years 4–8, teachers may wish to use the site with younger or older students. Separate resources have been developed to support use of the site with teachers of students in years 1-3.

A hunt with dad

Jake is really excited about going on a hunting trip with his dad. But first, he needs to learn how to stay safe while hunting. What should Jake and his dad do before they head into the bush?

Day walk in the outdoors

Lily and her family are out enjoying a hike on a beautiful day... until they suddenly spot dark clouds in the distance. Do they turn around, or brave the weather and keep on walking?

Know where to go

Learn how you can find great outdoor tracks and bird-watching spots in your neighbourhood with the Walking Access Mapping System.

Mahi tahi

What do New Zealand Walking Access Commission’s regional field advisors do?

Overnight in the bush

Alice and her family have found the perfect camping spot and they're having a great time... until it starts to rain, hard. Should they try and cross?

Sparking debate

Find out why a landowner might restrict people from lighting open fires on their land.

The beach

Learn all about the ‘Queen’s Chain’ – the network of public reserve land alongside many of New Zealand's waterways, and along much of our coast.

Treading softly

Some parts of Aotearoa New Zealand have a special spiritual and cultural significance for our community.


Sometimes there are special circumstances that lead to landowners limiting access to their land.

Teachers' starter guide

This online resource helps teachers and students to explore the theme of responsible use of the outdoors and the value of access to the Kiwi way of life.