Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Wainui Park

Aditya , Year 5

Wainui Park is my favourite place
the way I've been there for 3 days straight.

Keep in mind,
it is not an easy task.

There is definitely
a lot of things to do..!

And also,
it includes...
messy feelings..!

There are more activities,
than you think there are!

That includes,
kayaking, flying fox, orienteering, raft building, spotlight,
and so on!

But spotlight was the
spookiest activities of them all!

Half the people had to hide in the creepy bushes,
struggling to move
in the tight and bushy thorns.
As the second half takes a torch
and goes around the spine shivering bushes
finding the people hiding there.

I found this unbelievably scary.
Meanwhile there are more mysterious things
happening like the ‘unexpectedly created’
show called “ YMCA’s got talent”...

It was fun
because there were plays, jokes, drama
and even motivation about not to litter.
It was really fun.

There is like million more things we did at the camp,
but I cant say all of it.
ALSO... we went to the beach,
where there was a little trail
that we could follow
that led to a somewhat secret place.
It was all like an adventure... I LOVED IT!

The End.