Top Outdoor Spot Competition

A day at Hagley Park

Kate , Year 6

At the park I play and scream.
All day long, I lick ice-cream.
At the park I look around.
I hear a very eerie sound...
I hide in the lush green leaves,
I touch my toes and tease,
My sweet little dog,
Who was hiding in a log.
My once-white jeans are dirty,
And my shirt that says the number thirty,
Is very, very, VERY muddy.
Candy, my little buddy,
Sniffs the air, with lots of care.
I see the lovely leaves,
And all the trees.
I look around, at the sky,
Then I hear an eagle cry!
That is the very eerie sound,
That was echoing all around.
Under my watchful eye,
I see the bird fly!
As its mother coaxes it,
To get a small tit-bit.
After this, I barge right in,
At my house.
I yell to my mum, and my pet mouse,
"Candy and I had a wonderful day at the park!
Candy barked and barked and barked and barked!"