Top Outdoor Spot Competition

My favourite place to be (outside)!!!

Anupreet , Year 7

My most liked (favourite) outdoor spot is the beach gazing at stars. The way it makes me feel is really incredible and breathtaking. I love the way the blue wavy water trickles,rushes, and gushes upon my feet like they are fighting in a WWE boxing match. The way that the sand drifts, makes me sink but tickles me beneath my feet. The way my feet act up is like they’re getting triggered. I love the scene: the rocks piled and bunched together and listening to the seashells playing the music of the deep (ocean). I love to admire the beautiful, scenic view. Tonight all the stars are shining bright, like little speckles of the sun! As we drive home all my joyful, delighted emotions and new new memories bucket down at me like heavy rain and hail!