Top Outdoor Spot Competition


Oliver , Year 7

One of my favorite outdoor spots is ohakune. I have been there so much that if it's cold I can close my eyes and picture myself being there. Ohakune is a small town that we stay in if we are going skiing at Mt Ruapehu.

My family love skiing at Mt Ruapehu and I have been skiing since I was three. My favorite ski runs are the park lane, giant(it is not that big) and the express.

The place that I get my skis from is TCB ohakune, they have rental skis and season hire skis. There are a lot of great bush walks and some you sadly can't take dogs on because they are within the National Park.

My family has a chalet at rocky mountain chalets That we stay in.

One of ohakune's main attractions is the huge ohakune carrot. Behind the carrot there is a huge playground. It is great to go there when the mountain is closed.

I love ohakune. It is the best place in the world.
I hope you can visit there sometime.