Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Hunting Spot

William , Year 6

My Favourite Spot
Muddy water and muddy mud. Boots on my feet keep my toes soaky. There is a tree lying across the front. It’s a pine tree with dark wood and pine cones. Out of town on a dirt road. A giant locked gate blocks the front entrance. My father has the key. The gate stays unlocked from 5am til 12am. It’s a hunting reserve. There are lots of ditches and holes. Dad goes as fast as the truck will go to go past the holes and bumps. My head hits the roof sometimes!
It’s a hard trick to get there but once you’re there it's simply amazing. The trees are above to shelter you from rain. There are no crowds of people. It’s a plain land when you are past the trees. It’s a special place for dad and I.