Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Winter Wilderness

Annabelle, Year 5

We stumble through the bushes, arms flailing, tripping over one another and shrieking with laughter. Sprawled out on the snow, facing the sky, tiny white flakes begin to fall, like raining glitter. A winter forest sprinkled with sugar. A glimmering winter landscape.

The sun shines through gaps in the trees, bathing the clearing in a dreamlike glow. I shiver. My heart is warm but the temperature is not. Dew freezes on my eyelashes and melts on my tongue. The snowflakes tickle my nose; same goes for my little brother. He wrinkles his nose and wipes the ice off with the sleeve of his vivid green snowsuit, and continues looking around in amazement.
Can’t blame him. It is extraordinary.

All of us begin to sneak around, being extra cautious not to disturb the magical, eerie silence. The frozen leaves crackle beneath our feet and rustle as we place our hands on them. As I creep towards the sled the, others follow. Dragging it up the slope, our feet sink into the powdery snow and we signal to each other with our eyes. No words needed. Everyone knows exactly what’s happening. The sled skids down the hill with surprising speed. A wonderful sensation fills my body and I feel like a feather floating on the breeze. The wind pulls off my beanie and sets my hair loose. I feel free.