Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Kai Iwi Lakes

Danika, Year 5

As we drive into my favourite place, you can see dusty tents everywhere, kids playing and the beautiful beach. There are kids everywhere with the widest smiles of joy while tents are being set up. Suddenly, you can hear a scream and then laughter. Dust is everywhere and if you try not to get dirty, well, you can’t! There is a ice cream shop and I think everyone has been there and got an icey cold treat. You can see people in all different colours of togs with excited expressions. When you listen to the waves, it is as peaceful as it could be. If you go into the salty water and lay on your back, it is the most lovely thing.
While talking about the most peaceful thing, some things are not! The air beds, they deflate, but that’s okay. This is one of my favourite places because I feel at home.