Top Outdoor Spot Competition

New Brighton

Tia, Year 5

As the wheels skid on the black tarmac, the plane comes to a stop. Standing up and walking out, there it is... our hot slice of paradise. We are here. Smiles widen as we leap out of the car. Creeeaak the sound of the wooden sandy floorboards crunch and creek in my ears as I walk up. The comfy couch swallows me as I sit.

My heart warms up as we stroll on to the balcony. Birds quietly tweet in the light blue sky. The calm air blows across my face as we walk. Sand dances around my toes, whitewash foaming up my feet.

Way out in the ocean with sand underneath are fish in the water. Back in the bay, it's my precious place we love. Sandy floorboards both upstairs and down with slippery bits of water.

My heart dances around my body as I lie down. This beautiful. I know and love this is a place - I‘m free!