Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Happy Times

Sienna, Year 6

Ring! Ring! The phone at the reception desk rings, waiting for someone to pick it up. We enter the room and all I can smell is disinfectant that has been smeared all over the non-slippery lino.

I look to my left and I can see the reception desk and receptionist. I look to my right and I can see the retirement village’s waiting area which is full of comfy couches and soft cushions. I turn around and I see a shop that has a sign saying ‘Village House’.

We walk up to the lady at the desk and say, “We are here to see nanny,” “Ok,” she replies, “Please take a seat in the waiting area and we will be with you soon.” My Mum, my sister and I wander over to the waiting area. I sit there very anxiously waiting to go and see Nanny.

One of the nurses strolls over to us and directs us to nanny's room. The lovely lady who directs us opens the door for us. We see nanny sitting in her bed looking cheerful because we have arrived. I walk into that room feeling happy and cheerful.