Top Outdoor Spot Competition

My Special Place

Poppy, Year 6

My dad's black car pulls up in the busy car park. I grab my bag, say goodbye to my dad and I run so I am not late. As I run, all around me children playing some really fun games like Cheat! Noisy bells go as I quickly rush to get ready for the day. I sit down and I feel a rush of excitement when I see today's timetable.

Pens, paper, books, pencil cases, these are only some of the essentials needed at Tamahere Model Country School. I sit at my desk and all around the classroom there are chatting classmates, clicking of pens and teachers giving good advice to people around the room. Outside the window, cars whizz by behind the tall trees. The bell goes again and students start to scavenging for their hats and fight to get to the door so they can play. Ring ring! Everyone hops down from the playground and starts to walk back to class...bad people odours fill my nostrils!

We all get on with our next lessons. Teachers work and children chat and next door you can hear the students yawning and students moaning. Dramas happen and get sorted out and teachers get cross at screaming children. Terrific teachers get our next activity sorted out and we all do our work while listening to beautiful music. Finally, we get to go and enjoy our lunch, play with our friends and have a long break.

Everyone scurries back to class when the bell goes. Chitter chatter fills the classroom and the bad people odours get even worse. Ring ring! There goes the bell for the very last time. Parents pick up their kids and know the next day they have to come back.