Top Outdoor Spot Competition

The origin of superboy

Conor , Year 13

Chapter 1 : A Strange Beginning
One day a boy called Bob went to a normal school and he went on the school bus to school he noticed something strange on the bus something was happening with his hands they were glowing and sizzling green and red he turned his hands round and shot a beam of a green & red lighting ball and it broke the windows of the bus and the bus stoped mysteriously and everyone screamed ahhh.
Then he ran of the bus with his red and green sizzling hands he ran super fast and screaming “what’s happening to me” all windows smashed while his he was screaming. The trees and grass caught fire because when he was running he kept shooting red and green lighting balls at the trees and grass he ran so fast everything slowed down he stopped for a second and he moved his hands and metal stated to form.

Chapter 2 The Truth
He ran home to his parents Josh And shallot Bob told his parents that he had these strange things happening to him he was telling them about the strange green and red lighting balls, the metal the superspeed and the screaming making the windows shatter. Josh and shallot said son here’s the truth Mum and dad were superheroes for some time we saved people the world from danger and we were known as lighting man and metal woman we had you and then we knew time would come where our son would have powers. “We just wanted you to have a normal life” Said Josh and shallot. Bob said “It’s ok Mum and dad” don’t worry”.

Chapter 3 A new school
Bob asked his parents “can I please go to super school for gifted children” Bobs parents were surprised and said “if that’s what you want son”
Bob said “more than anything I want to learn more about my super self and become a hero like you” Josh and shallot Hart’s were warmed and they booked him in to the super school for the gifted in short it’s called S.S.F.T.G and then Josh and shallot said to bob you start your new school next week, Bob jumped with joy.