Whitecliffs Walkway

Appendix 1: Walking Access Act 2008 – sections 12-19

Part 2; Subpart 2 – Code of Responsible Conduct, from the Act is reproduced below.

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CCC Parks Matuku Lakes Loop

Appendix 2: Related legislation

There is a large body of legislation that deals with the kinds of inappropriate behaviour of concern on both public and private land.

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Appendix 3: Māori land and access

Māori land is defined in Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 as Māori customary land and Māori freehold land.

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Queenstown sunrise

Appendix 4: Obligations of land owners towards recreational visitors

On-site link: The Health and Safety at Work Act enables landowners to grant access to recreational visitors. Landowners should still warn visitors of risks.

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Hooker Valley Track

Appendix 5: Mountain Safety Council Outdoor Safety Code

Off-site link: Remember every trip needs a plan, even a short day walk. It doesn't take much to turn a walk into an 'unexpected night out' in the bush.

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white pine bush scenic reserve

Appendix 6: Department of Conservation Care Codes

Off-site link: Find out how to minimise the impact you have on the environment when enjoying the outdoors.

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hunters heading to St Winifreds stream

Appendix 7: Mountain Safety Council Firearms Safety Toolbox

Off-site link: A key part of being a safe hunter is fully understanding and mitigating the risks around firearms.

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