DWeir WAC Dissertation 1

Unlocking the Potential of Tactical Urbanism for Active Transport Promotion in Auckland

Published February 2020

Declan Weir's research, sponsored through the Commission's Aspinall Scholarship, looking at methods of enabling active transport in the Auckland urban environment.

Greenways cover

Greenways, property developers and the use of incentives

Published October 2018

Holly Stevens’ research highlights incentives to encourage Auckland’s property developers to allow public access through their land for greenway development.

2017 03 15 Access Me report v01 38639 1

Access Me Concept Assessment

Published June 2017

A digital platform where people can request access to a farm and landholders can respond, without having to share personal information, make or answer phone calls.

Walking access commission small logotype

Summary of High Court Decision on Pastoral Leases

Published May 2009

This document summarises a High Court decision on access to Crown pastoral lease properties.

Roads water margins and riverbedsthe law on public accesselectronic 1

Roads, water margins and riverbeds: the law on public access

Published August 2008

This book examines the law on public access in New Zealand. It was written by former Registrar-General of Land Brian Hayes.

Walking access commission small logotype

Roading law as it applies to unformed legal roads - the sequel

Published October 2007

The main purpose of this report is to provide an illustration of the method and the depth of research underpinning Roading Law as it Applies to Unformed Roads.

roadinglawapplicabletounformedroads 1

Roading law as it applies to unformed legal roads

Published March 2007

This commentary explains the nature of the "Queen's highway", what the free right of passage is, the special character of roads along rivers, lakes and the sea, as well as some historical perspective.

waterfull 1

Elements of the law on movable water boundaries

Published March 2007

This commentary highlights unsatisfactory elements in our waterside law that detract from a stable legal environment.

Walking access commission small logotype

The law on public access along water margins

Published August 2003

Public access to our coast, lakes, rivers and streams for all citizens has been a feature of New Zealand land law and practice from the earliest colonial times.

Walking access commission small logotype

Explaining the Queen's Chain Myth: The Evolution of Laws for Marginal Strips

Published April 1999

A research paper examining the history of the "Queen's Chain" concept as it relates to the reservation of land alongside water margins.

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