The built environment and its impacts on the walkability for children within primary school catchment areas

The built environment and its impacts on the walkability for children within primary school catchment areas

Published January 2021

This research focuses on policies and built environment factors that explain the lack of walkability in the catchment areas of primary schools in Auckland.

Meyer Neeson Aspinall scholar

Discovering the hindrance of walking and cycling in Auckland's urban form

Published January 2021

Meyer Neeson's Aspinall Scholarship research looks at how the 1950s planning regimes which focused on private cars, dominated Auckland’s transport development.

Franklin North Waikato Strategy Report

Franklin North Waikato Tracks and Trails Strategy 2020

Published May 2020

Shades of Green Ltd developed this long-term strategic vision and direction for the tracks and trails network in the Franklin-North Waikato region.

DWeir WAC Dissertation 1

Unlocking the Potential of Tactical Urbanism for Active Transport Promotion in Auckland

Published February 2020

Declan Weir's research, sponsored through the Commission's Aspinall Scholarship, looking at methods of enabling active transport in the Auckland urban environment.

Connecting Franklin North Waikato cover

Connecting Franklin-North Waikato Stakeholder Report

Published August 2019

The report calls for a network of off-road tracks and trails connecting the North Waikato towns of Pokeno, Pukekohe, and Tuakau.

Greenways cover

Greenways, property developers and the use of incentives

Published October 2018

Holly Stevens’ research highlights incentives to encourage Auckland’s property developers to allow public access through their land for greenway development.

Taranaki Tracks and Trails Strategy Report

Taranaki Tracks and Trails 2040 Strategy

Published June 2018

The Taranaki Strategy outlines a potential network of pathways, biodiversity trails, tourist trails, cycle trails, coastal trails and historic trails.

South Island High Country Access Report web

South Island High Country Access Report

Published March 2018

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission has produced a draft report for consultation on public access to the outdoors in and around the South Island High Country.

2017 03 15 Access Me report v01 38639 1

Access Me Concept Assessment

Published June 2017

A digital platform where people can request access to a farm and landholders can respond, without having to share personal information, make or answer phone calls.

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