Our Strategic Framework

Our vision and purpose

Te mauri o te hīkoi - Journeys across the land and to our special places

Our purpose is to provide New Zealanders with free, certain, enduring and practical walking access to the outdoors.

Our mission

What we intend to achieve

Lead national development and support local implementation of public access to the outdoors.

Our stretch goal

How we will demonstrate our long-term achievement

To achieve our mission, we will be working to reach the following stretch target:

  • 95% of all readily available access data is displayed on NZWAC mapping systems by 2025.

Impacts over time

How we contribute and influence

We will actively engage with central and local government agencies, iwi and community groups to generate public access opportunities that support healthy and prosperous communities.

Our outcomes

How we know we are succeeding

We have identified the following outcomes as being important to the success of the Commission:

  • Managed access is available where and when it will add most value to communities;
  • People know how to find access; and
  • People responsibly access the outdoors.

Our outputs

How we deliver

Under each outcome we are focused on the following outputs. 

Managed access is available where and when it will add most value to communities:

  • access facilitation and leadership;
  • access dispute resolution;
  • management of the Enhanced Access Fund; and
  • community engagement.

People know how to find access:

  • management of the access mapping system; and
  • provision of tracks and trails information.

People responsibly access the outdoors:

  • school education programmes;
  • digital-led behaviour change initiatives; and
  • walkway compliance.

Our activities

What we work on

Key activities that support our output delivery include:

  • Investigation, assessment, facilitation of access disputes;
  • Handling general access enquiries and case management;
  • Preparation and delivery of access recommendation reports for the Overseas Investment Office;
  • Contract management of Enhanced Access Fund applications;
  • Walking access policy development;
  • Workshops and meetings with other government agencies, landholders, iwi and community groups to promote access;
  • Management and maintenance of track and trail data; and
  • Publicising and identifying access across all land types.