New rights and responsibilities brochure to hundreds of anglers and hunters

Outcome: People access the outdoors responsibly

Each year the Commission supplies free information brochures to Fish and Game councils on people’s rights and responsibilities in the outdoors. This year it refreshed and reprinted the brochures, simplifying the language, improving the design, and updating the information.

The brochure which Fish and Game councils distributes to hundreds of anglers and hunters around the country is an abridged version of the Outdoor Access Code.

The Commission has a legal duty under the Walking Access Act to write and distribute an Outdoor Access Code. The short brochures are a simple way that the Commission can share the code with people. It covers basic things people can do in the outdoors to treat each other and the whenua with respect. These include making sure you have permission before crossing land, caring for the environment, respecting tikanga Māori, and keeping safe by being aware and prepared for hazards and weather.

The brochure also has advice for people with motor vehicles, with dogs, and with firearms. It gives advice to land managers and owners about how to treat people who use their land responsibly and respectfully.