Find My Adventure adds over 100 Greater Wellington tracks.

Outcome: People know how to find access

The Commission’s Find My Adventure database ( is a GIS-hybrid tool that allows people to find outdoor experiences - walks, bike rides, horse rides or runs, all over Aotearoa. It is less than a year old and it is growing steadily as the Commission enters maps and data from more tracks and trails.

The ethos of Find My Adventure is one of sharing, not owning. The Commission is working with councils, local community groups, private landowners, the Department of Conservation, and trails trusts to build the database. The goal is that Find My Adventure will be a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ for information about tracks and trails across New Zealand. It will display consistent information in an engaging and user-friendly manner.

One of Find My Adventure’s biggest partners, Greater Wellington gave access to mapping data for over 150 of its tracks and trails. These include short fifteen-minute bushwalks in Eastbourne and tough day-long hikes to the remote Alpha Hut.

Soon the Commission will have finished adding Greater Wellington’s tracks and it will start work with another council or community group. Then another.

Hopefully, that by gathering all tracks and trails information in one comprehensive tool, then sharing that information, allowing that tool to be embedded for free on anyone else’s website, the Commission can ensure people have reliable, consistent information on public access to the outdoors.

For smaller councils and other organisations that do not have many resources or GIS mapping capability, this is an opportunity to have a best-in-class tool without building one themselves.

For people wanting to use tracks and trails, they will no longer need to look at five or more different websites simply to get the full range of track and trail options available to them.