Annual Report 2019

2019 Annual Report

pdf (5.8 MB) | Published November 2019

This publication reports on the New Zealand Walking Access Commission’s performance and activities for 2018-2019.

Submission on Action for Healthy Waterways

Submission on Action for Healthy Waterways

pdf (236 KB) | Published October 2019

The Commission has an interest in the issue of healthy waterways. Many New Zealanders want access to waterways for recreational and cultural reasons, and for collecting food.

FMA info for councils

Find My Adventure Information for Councils

pdf (2 MB) | Published October 2019

Find My Adventure is a free, easy-to-use database, tool and website. It helps more people find the information they need to get into the outdoors.

Find My Adventure DLE

Find My Adventure DLE flyer

pdf (315 KB) | Published September 2019

Find your next adventure » Search from hundreds of tracks and trails around New Zealand.

Rights and Responsibilities Brochure

Rights and Responsibilities brochure

pdf (271 KB) | Published September 2019

Know your access rights and responsibilities: get permission, be responsible for your safety, take care of the environment, and consider others

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