Our work

Find out about the diverse work the commission does, from its large strategic projects to its day-to-day support for people who access the outdoors.

Maps and public information

Our Walking Access Mapping System (WAMS) is a series of interactive maps that show New Zealanders exactly where they have public access in the outdoors.

Resolving disputes

The Commission helps facilitate resolutions when there is a dispute between two or more parties over outdoor access. We have a formal disputes resolution process.

Enhanced Access Grants

We administer a contestable grants scheme to support projects aimed at enhancing access to New Zealand's great outdoors.

Taranaki Project

The Taranaki strategy outlines a network of pathways, biodiversity trails, tourist trails, cycle trails, coastal trails, river crossings and historic trails.

South Island High Country Project

Our South Island High Country Project looked at what’s working, what’s not, where the gaps are and what people’s dreams are for public access in 50 years’ time.

Overseas Investment Act

One of the Commission’s interesting jobs is to look at applications by overseas investors to buy sensitive land.