Dont go missing article

Don’t go missing, go hiking

After another unprecedented year with COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to get out and enjoy nature and the sun while you can.

Whether that means going for a hīkoi (walk), taking your bike, your dog or your whanāu with you, there are always new tracks to explore in New Zealand. However, it's important to prepare before going out. 

The outdoors can be dangerous. There can be anything from steep cliffs to weather changes to a surprise leg cramp. It's important to be prepared for anything. Especially any circumstances that can be avoided. Don't forget to tell people where you're going. This stops any unnecessary search parties in your absence and makes the experience a lot more fun, even for the people who stayed home. 

If you’re going on a longer walk or off track, remember to bring a distress beacon just in case of emergencies. You may find Pocket Maps our mapping app helpful too, if you’re making your own trail off track. The app helps to determine the best publicly accessible areas to discover next.  

The Mountain Safety Council share plenty of knowledge on its website when planning a trip to make sure you're prepared. These include considering trip planning, supplies, the weather, navigation, general skills, the right communications, river safety, first aid, cooking, camping, emergency situations, firearms and avalanche safety, and environmental care.  

Whether the tracks are half an hour or multi-day trips, there’s something for everyone. Luckily in New Zealand, they’re never far from your doorstep.

Page last updated: Dec 17, 2021, 10:38 AM