Canterbury walkway secured for future generations

The southern section of the Rakaia Gorge walking trail has been officially declared a walkway under the Walking Access Act 2008 to secure access for future generations.

The full 10.4km trail, including the northern section and newly gazetted southern section, traverses the northern edge of the Rakaia River, passing through forest and shrub before climbing an historic ferryman's track.

The track follows the rim of the gorge, before descending into a gully and passing the site of the Snowdon coal mines where the entrances to several mining tunnels can be seen, as well as the remains of equipment used for extraction.

Commission chief executive Mark Neeson said the walkway's history and scenic value made it an outstanding asset to the area and a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

“The Rakaia Gorge is renowned as one of the most scenic areas of Canterbury and we are honoured to be able to play a role in preserving access, in perpetuity, to the southern section of the track.â€

Page last updated: Sep 8, 2020, 3:46 PM