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Photo by Stephen Day

New features on the Find My Adventure and the Commission’s website

Following the launch of the Commission’s new website in November 2018, we’ve been gathering feedback and ideas for further improvements that we could make. The first round of these launched in late February.

Our Find My Adventure tracks and trails search tool has had a number of improvements to make it even easier to use. Now, after searching for your next adventure, you can hover over one of the results to see it highlighted on the map, and you can click on tracks on the map to find out more information.

We’re continually adding new tracks across the country, so keep checking it out to find out what’s new. We've also made some changes in the background, to improve loading speeds.

Across the rest of the website, we’ve made a few design tweaks and introduced a search function (in the menu) to help you find what you need that little bit easier.

If you’ve got feedback or ideas for new features you’d like, we’re always open to hearing them. You can email them to

Page last updated: Mar 12, 2019, 12:19 PM