Te Paki Sand Dunes
Photo by Taylor

Christchurch kids win Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Three Christchurch children have won the top prizes in the Walking Access Commission 2019 Top Outdoor Spot Competition.

The Commission received entries from schools all around New Zealand.

The winner of the writing competition, Matilda, year 6, wrote a bilingual poem “Sumner Pohutukawa”. She submitted the entry through her out-of-school class at Write On School for Young Writers but will share her prize with her school Heathcote Valley School.

The winner of the art competition, Lauren, year 6, from Waimairi School simple silhouette “Alone” captured the powerful sense of solitude that comes from camping under the dark expanse of New Zealand’s night-time sky.

The winner of the best photo competition, Taylor, year 7, from Breens Intermediate captured having fun by racing down the golden Te Paki Sand Dunes.

“We had great entries from schools all over New Zealand,” says Asher Wilson-Goldman, Walking Access Commission Strategic Communications and Partnerships Manager. “It was a surprise when we saw all the winning entries came from Christchurch. But Canterbury kids really embraced our competition this year and celebrated their love of exploring the outdoors.”

Prize winners


1st place, Sumner Pohutukawa, Matilda, Year 6, Write On School for Young Writers

Walking down a concrete path
I tō mātou haerenga ki Sumner (when we went to Sumner) 
Excited to take a seawater bath 
Ko te takutai tā mātou wāhi haere (the shore is our destination) 
Bright red flowers catch my eye 
He pōhutukawa pua! (A flowering pōhutukawa!) 
Vibrant against the bright blue sky 
He tirohanga tino ātaahua. (A truly beautiful sight). 

2nd place, Akaroa, Rynie, Year 2, Ilam School

When I go to Akaroa, the water is as warm as the sun. 
Me, my brother, my mum, and my dad go there. 
The waves cover me. 
I dived down; I see a penguin! 
Her tiny tail is a rainbow. 
Her name is Sophia. 
She says to me “ DON’T LITTER”, so don’t litter!

3rd place, Tuatua (Ninety Mile Beach), Year 3, Ilam School

I went to Ninety Mile Beach.
I took my shoes off, socks.
I went to the sloppy sand.
My feet sunk into the sand. 
I had to dig with my feet. I had to put my feet down and move them side to side. 
Until you feel it under your feet. Put your feet out of the hole and quickly grab it; then you found a tuatua. But they are not in every beach.
I smelt sea salt.


1st place, Alone, Lauren, Year 6, Waimairi School

2nd place, The lake, Ranipai, Year 5, Lynmore School

3rd place, Bubble Blowing in the hills, Kiera, Year 7, Breens Intermediate


1st place, Te Paki Sand Dunes, Taylor, Year 7, Breens Intermediate

2nd place, Hikuwai River – Playing in the mud, Bronx, Year 3, Te Kura Kaupapa o Mangatuna

3rd place, MacKenzie 02, Ariki, Year 8, Twizel School




Thanks to prize sponsors; Kiwi Camping Potton and Burton and  Skellerup.

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