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Pineapple-Flagstaff Walk

The Pineapple – Flagstaff Walk offers panoramic views over Dunedin and the Otago Harbour. A plane table identifies key features of the landscape visible from the summit.

The area has an interesting history. In pioneering times a flag was hoisted on Flagstaff Summit whenever a ship entered the harbour, whereupon the male dominated population would flock into the city in the hope of finding a wife.

The pineapple part of the name was adopted by parties of trampers who would rest at the top of a steep section to refresh themselves with tins of pineapple, often leaving the tins hanging in trees or on a fence.

The walkway links with a number of other walking tracks in the area.


The Flagstaff – Pineapple Walk can be accessed from Flagstaff-Whare Flat Road at the west end or from Booth Road at the east.

Conditions and closures

To find out more about conditions of access on this walkway (eg, access with bikes, dogs or horses) and any temporary or seasonal closures, contact the Dunedin City Council or visit the Skyline Walks page and public notices section of the council’s website.

At a glance

Walking time: 2 hours one way
Length: 5km one way
Created: 26 March 1980
Controlling authority: Dunedin City Council

For more information about this walkway and the surrounding area, read the Skyline Walks page on the Dunedin City Council’s website.