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Dry Acheron Track

Dry Acheron Track follows the Dry Acheron Stream across high country farmland before climbing steeply to the summit of Mount Big Ben.

The track criss-crosses the stream and passes by two developing bush covenants with interesting rock formations.

The climb to Big Ben is recommended for people with high-level backcountry skills and experience. It offers stunning views over the surrounding high country.

Some sections of this walkway cross private land and visitors are asked to stick to the marked route, respect all signposted conditions of access and follow the New Zealand Outdoor Access Code.


The Dry Acheron Track entrance is off Coleridge Road, between Windwhistle and the Lake Coleridge village, an hour west of Christchurch.

Conditions and closures

To find out more about conditions of access on this walkway (eg, access with bikes, dogs or horses) and any temporary or seasonal closures, visit the Department of Conservation's website or contact the nearest Department of Conservation area office.

At a glance

Walking time: 8 hours return
Length: 14km return
Created: 22 February 2011
Controlling authority: Department of Conservation

For more information about this walkway and the surrounding area, visit the Dry Acheron Track page on the Department of Conservation’s website.