Castledowns Wetland Walkway

Castledowns Wetland Walkway

The Castledowns Wetland Walkway provides access to the Castledowns (Dipton) wetland. The Walkway is a joint project between Maxwell Farming (the landholder), Rural Women New Zealand (who own the adjacent wetland and forestry block) and the Walking Access Commission.

At the end of the Walkway is a small area of flaxland. The flaxland has a high ecological value and contains some man made pools that provide additional habitat for water fowl and aquatic invertebrates. The site is owned by Rural Women New Zealand and the Dipton Landcare group is coordinating the restoration works.

This walkway crosses private land and visitors are asked to stick to the marked route, respect all signposted conditions of access and follow the New Zealand Outdoor Access Code.


Access to the Walkway is from the Mossburn - Dipton road, approximately 10km northwest of Dipton and 24km southeast of Mossburn.

Conditions and closures

To find out more about conditions of access on this walkway (eg, access with bikes, dogs or horses) and any temporary or seasonal closures, contact Environment Southland.

At a glance

Walking time: 1-2 minutes
Length: approximately 100m one way (to entrance of Castledowns Wetland)
Created: 25 May 2017
Controlling authority: Environment Southland

For more information about this walkway and the surrounding area, visit the Castledowns (Dipton) Wetlands Project page on the Southland Ecological Restoration Network website.