Carrington Walkway

The Carrington Walkway is a scenic track that follows the Pātea River through the Taranaki town of Stratford, with a series of pedestrian bridges allowing river crossings.

The walkway features the McCullough Rhododendron Dell, formed in the 1960s and housing several hundred Rhododendrons, and the Thompson Arboretum, formed in 2001 to represent the native flora of New Zealand.

Where it passes through King Edward Park there are a range of routes and track options available including the Clemow Track, the Three Bridges Trail and the Western Loop that follows the Paetahi Stream and provides views of Stratford’s lush countryside pastures and Mount Taranaki.

Some sections of this track cross private land and visitors are asked to stick to the marked route, respect all signposted conditions of access and follow the New Zealand Outdoor Access Code.


The walkway bisects the town of Stratford and there are many access points in the township between the western entry on Regan Street and the eastern entry on Victoria  Road. A popular point of entry is the historic Malone Memorial Gate at King Edward Park, situated on the corner of Fenton Street and Portia Street. The Eastern Loop is also popular, crossing the river and returning to its starting point on Swansea Road.

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Conditions and closures

To find out more about conditions of access on this walkway (e.g. access with bikes, dogs or horses) and any temporary or seasonal closures, contact Stratford District Council.

At a glance

Walking time: 4 hours
Length: 9km
Created: 19 April 1990
Controlling authority: Stratford District Council

For more information about this walkway and other walkways in the area download the Walkers Guide to Taranaki brochure or visit the Stratford District Council website.


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