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From the Walking Access Mapping System (WAMS), the Public Access Area GIS data is being made available to the public to re-use under the Creative Commons 3.0 License. GIS users, developers and the general public are welcome to this information layer as per the terms and conditions below. 

The layer can be used as an ESRI map service:

Public Access Areas Layer
Public Walking Access Areas are derived from the LINZ BDE data. Using key phrases and parcel intents, a series of parcels were extracted from the LINZ BDE data that have a high probability of being accessible by the Public. The parcels were further grouped into a number of categories which best indicated the type of access likely. These categories are:
  • Legal Roads - Formed and Unformed
  • Public Reserves - Local Authority and DOC parks and reserves
  • Conservation - Land administered by DOC (eg, National Parks)
  • Crown - Crown land that the public should be able to access, excluded are schools, defence areas, prisons etc.
  • Marginal Strips - Land alongside rivers and lakes identified as having a memorial indicating access via a marginal strip
  • Hydro Areas - Legal parcels indicating an intent of hydrology, i.e. wide rivers, lakes
  • Esplanade - Contains esplanade strips


The Public Access Areas GIS layer is available to use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence, to view a copy of this licence, visit 


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