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Recreational access to our lakes, beaches, rivers and mountains is an important part of what it is to be a New Zealander. The New Zealand Walking Access Commission is the Crown entity that works to enhance free, certain, enduring, and practical walking access to the outdoors for New Zealanders and overseas visitors. The Commission has a team in Wellington and a network of regional field advisors. The Commission's legislation is the Walking Access Act 2008.

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Both Sides of the Fence homepage for web2
24/07/2014 11:38am
School children around New Zealand will enjoy a more colourful, dynamic and fun experience when using the popular Both Sides of the Fence education website. The site has been recently upgr...
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01/07/2014 11:48am
Projects that improve people’s ability to get into the outdoors may qualify for funding from the New Zealand Walking Access Commission’s Enhanced Access Fund. This contestable fund sup...
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30/06/2014 8:36pm
A new fact sheet has been released to answer frequently asked questions about roadways over Māori land. The fact sheet addresses common queries about roadways over Māori land, from rights ...
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